Welcome to Smart Girls Get More

Smart Girls is a European mass-market makeup brand founded by 3 best friends Anna, Noor and Jordan, who met during university in Poland.
As university students, the 3 young women often struggled to find makeup products that were high quality, with clean ingredients, yet still affordable and that catered to different skin tones.

About our product


By minimizing fixed costs and continuously working on colour and quality we have reached the desired effect: good quality, attractive and affordable products! our excellent prices on our wide range of smart girls get more cosmetics in combination with good quality and manufacturing under strict eu compliance has brought us repeat customers who keep coming back for our exciting and new products.


All Smart Girls Get More products are produced in europe under strict guidelines and never tested on animals. Low priced should not ever mean low quality. We have always targeted working with the best factories in europe that can help us produce vegan products in a cruelty free environment under the highest standards. The creators of the brand, have an excellent knowledge of the market and customers trends.


Smart Girls Get More is a brand, which stands firmly against testing on animals. Luckily, in the European Union, testing cosmetics on animals has been prohibited since 2004. Since 2009, products with ingredients that have been tested on animals, especially for cosmetic purposes, are also forbidden.


Our products are vegan friendly – they are free of ingredients coming from animals. All oils used in our products are vegetable oils, we also use synthetic waxes and mineral or synthetic pigments.