The creators of the brand are certainly Smart Girls ☺: 3 friends from Poland and Croatia, who after years of working for international cosmetic companies, have decided to create their own business. Knowing their client’s expectations and needs, 3 Smart Girls created good quality colour cosmetics brand for every budget.

All cosmetics of the Smart Girls Get More brand are produced in Poland.

Traditionally, low priced products always meant poor quality Far Eastern products. Polish manufacturing companies have high standards of manufacturing and we, the creators of the brand, have an excellent knowledge of the market and the consumers needs and wants. By minimizing fixed costs and continuous work on colour and quality we have reached the desired effect: good quality, pretty and very affordable products.

The Excellent price of Smart Girls Get More cosmetics in combination with the good quality, in the first years, brought us millions of clients who keep coming back for our new products.
We are proud to prove that our low priced products are good quality and very attractive and that Smart Girls Get More !